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30 MIN  |  Intuitive Psychic Reading

Intuitive means "Voice of the Divine" (God, Jesus, and the Angels, Your Guides, My Guides), while Psychic means "Soul to Soul" communication. Bonnie taps both her intuitive and psychic gifts to reach the Divine Wisdom that is your loving birthright. She is honored to help bring clarity to your questions about Love, Career, Relationships, Family, Money, and so much more so you can make informed decisions to manifest your ideal outcome and consciously guide your life's journey. Bonnie's hope would be that you have a greater understanding of your life's path. Bonnie has created her own deck of cards called. “Your Soul Knows” and will pull cards as needed for clarification during the reading.


30 Minutes $155.00

Available globally by appointment, Zoom, Facetime, or WhatsApp.

You May Record Your Session


Call To Schedule After Purchase: 978-297-9790

If you are concerned with times and dates, please call Bonnie before you pay. We have a 48-hour cancellation policy. Please let us know what Country and Time Zone you are in when calling.

30 MIN | Intuitive Psychic Reading