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Cutting the Cords of Attachment

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Service Description

“Energetic” cords that attach themselves to us and stay in our aura “energy field” can drain the energy from us, causing emotional stress or even addictions. We all have them. They are normal but, ideally, we just want and need our own energy without someone else getting in our way or dragging us down. Cords can be made from emotions and their energy and can be attached to a person, an object, or any situation as we go through life. Some cords are out of love, and some come from ill feelings or anger, unforgiveness, or even a traumatic experience. Cord cutting is a simple tool to remove, dissolve, and heal emotional energetic energy that has become attached to you. There is no actual physical cutting with this procedure as it is all energetically done – they are cut and healed with energy. Enjoy the feeling that this exercise can bring to you. You can almost feel yourself getting lighter, free of others’ emotions and fully energized.

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  • 48 Central Street, Winchendon, MA, USA


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