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Win a Reading with Me!

Happy Fall, everyone! Who would love the chance to win something for FREE? I'm doing a very special giveaway this week - a FREE 20-minute reading with me, either via Zoom or Facetime! Here's how you can be entered for a chance to win this amazing prize: My YouTube channel only needs another 250 subscribers to hit the 1000 mark, which is huge in YouTube world. Every person who subscribes to my YouTube channel between now and Friday, October 13th, by 12:00 noon (EST) will automatically be entered to win the free reading with me. I am notified every time someone subscribes, so I will pick a name from all new subscribers, and I will send out another Mailchimp e-mail on Friday afternoon to announce the lucky winner. It's that simple! Click this link to go to my channel, then please hit the Subscribe button Thank you everyone, and GOOD LUCK!!

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