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What's In this Blue Orb?

DEAR BONNIE: I just wanted to share this incredible orb I caught on camera today! It has strange blue light emanating from it. I can see them with the naked eye also. No one believes me, so I was happy to find your article on Orbs. Thank You!---Nicola

DEAR Nicola: I receive so many videos and pictures of what some people might believe to be an orb or spirit light. But I had the gut feeling that I had to take the time and check out your picture, and by following my intuition, I focused on the blue light and then enlarged that light. You can imagine my joy when I could see as plain as day a small dog -- his two eyes, his nose, and all this fur this fluffy guy had.

There was a lot of energy and excitement around him. I wrote back immediately: Nicola, this looks like a small happy dog with a lot of fur.

Nicole wrote back: "I see!! My childhood dog was a Pekingese; his name was Beau, which is French for a beautiful boy."

As I was looking down at the picture, Beau's soul came to me and wanted to let Nicola know that he was happy and still around her. He showed me him bouncing around and sleeping on her bed at night or right by her side.

She then sent me a picture of her dog while she was here on earth. He lived to be 18 years old, and he was her best friend. Nicola told me she feels him beside her as she takes walks and at night, too: "I have been alone a lot because of this lockdown, and it is amazing to feel him with me again. Thanks very much, Bonnie."

I asked Nicola if I could share her beautiful story of love from the other side and the picture she had sent me. The picture of Beau, when he was here on Earth, looked very much like what I could see in the blue Orb.

Just a little heartwarming story of how love never dies and our loved ones are always close. For me, these pictures and the confirmation from Nicola are proof that animals are in these balls of light as well.

These orbs that stay close are usually our loved ones remaining around us because they love us as we love them. Guidance and support, especially when we feel alone, are what they offer, bringing their energy to ours.

I hope you have enjoyed the story of Niclola and Beau.

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