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What Changes When We Go To Heaven?

Dear Bonnie: My Question is based on what happens after we pass. Are we still the same as we were here on earth? What Changes? Thanks: Lou

Dear Lou: That’s a great question! We incarnated to earth in this lifetime to learn lessons, to expand our knowledge, to experience new experiences, and for our Soul to gain new insight and to learn about compassion and forgiveness, and earth is our schoolroom to do just that.

It’s amazing that we get this wonderful chance for our Soul's growth repeatedly. What we take from this lifetime into Heaven is everything we have experienced, plus all the love we had for our families, our personalities, our likes and dislikes, our talents, our abilities, and everything we learned this time around.

A piece of our Soul always stays in Heaven; we are a Soul having a human experience. Our Souls are multidimensional and have lived many different lifetimes. This lifetime adds to our Soul’s journey.

There is a library of all our lifetimes, and the book of our lives is stored in Heaven in a place called the Akashic Records, where each lifetime has been recorded.

 Each time we leave Earth and go back home to Heaven, we bring all those memories of our lives and our family members with us. We bring our memories of everything we have experienced, plus our likes and dislikes. We have the same personality that we had while we were here, except after we pass, we have a life review, and we see where we might have seen things differently, or maybe we could have handled people and situations with more compassion, or maybe understood someone else’s side of things a little better.

When I am giving a reading, the person's soul that I am talking to might now have a new understanding and seem much more enlightened. You don’t take to heaven all the heavy baggage and hard feelings with you to Heaven, or it wouldn’t be Heaven. Your Soul from Heaven's view will be expanded to see why things happened to you or why they didn’t happen for you, and there is no blame or judgment, only lessons for your Soul’s growth.

The biggest change that happens after we pass is a knowing that everything good or bad was made by our life’s choices, but there is no j

Your mom is always your mom, and your dad is always your dad, but with more knowledge and understanding of why things happened, they now know your true heart. They might regret that they didn’t see everything in a clearer way as they do now on the higher side of life.

If a mom comes through during a reading and she was grumpy here because she was unhappy with her life, she might tell me I was too stern and I regret that as it has affected my daughter’s way of looking at life. The mom won’t come through and be grumpy because she has now seen that behavior really wasn’t useful, but the love will pour out to her daughter.

Don’t be afraid to have a reading and fear that your loved ones won't come through even if you had a bad relationship with them because they will and maybe with a sorry.

Your Loved ones and you are part of a Soul family, and you will travel through many lifetimes together and, most times, will not incarnate until the rest of the family is together in Heaven, and then it’s amazing that we incarnate, and find each other once more.

Bonnie Page is a psychic medium, spiritual counselor, reiki master, and the owner of Mystical Magical Marketplace and Messages from Heaven Healing Center located in Winchendon, Mass. She is available for private sessions in Winchendon or by Zoom or Facetime. If you would like more information about Bonnie, please visit her website,

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