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Clearing Your Energy

DEAR BONNIE: I have been feeling lethargic since the holidays. I was with a lot of family members who always seem to be so negative or they are always looking for an argument. It seems to take a toll on my mental and psychical health. Do you have any suggestions to help me out of this funk? Thanks, Lindsey

DEAR LINDSEY, taking on others' energy is a real thing. I don’t think everyone realizes just how easy it is to take on the energy and emotions of others. I recently had this revelation when my husband and I went to a birthday party for a friend’s husband held in a bar with a loud band and lots of drinking. I tried to have a good time, but as the night went on, I started to become increasingly negative and unhappy, and soon I wanted to leave. On the way home, I felt so aggravated that my husband, who was driving, could feel the tension. I asked myself what is wrong with me? It went on for a few days until I clearly heard from my guides that you need to clear your chakras. I always try to listen to my guides, so I sat down and was going to do a guided meditation cd that I have from someone else when I heard – no, do your own cd. I have a guided cd that clears your chakras that I recorded years ago and still use but in my cd, it calls in an Angel to every chakra – which is your energy centers in your body. My cd also has Archangels cutting the cords of attachments that have attached to us. What does that mean? It means cords from others energy can attach themselves to our energy centers, and they need to be clear so we can feel like ourselves.

As I laid back and started listening to my guided meditation cd, I saw a man in my energy field, and I saw the angels swiftly taking him away. Sounds scary, right? That someone could attach to us? I think so too, but as I watched this play out in my third eye center, my spiritual eye. I know that my angels and guides let me see what they were doing, so I would understand without a doubt that this knowledge could help many.

What to do if you feel like your energy is not all yours or you’re in a funk and thinking thoughts that don’t feel like they are your own?

1. Find a guided meditation that takes you through the chakras and removes chords. You can download mine found on my website.

2. Sage – yes, burning white sage will help clear the energy around you and your environment. Find out more about this in a video I have or googling how to sage to clear energy. There are just a couple of products, sage and a bowl to burn the sage and a feather for wafting the smoke around.

3. Going outside in nature will help you to ground your energy and bring you back to center. Helping you to feel more like yourself.

4. Defuse essential oils such as lavender, clove, or basil to clear your home.

5. Regular meditation will assist in bringing a greater sense of calm into your energy field and also allow you to hear your guides and angels clearly.

Energy attached from someone else can be removed, so do as many of these things regularly and keep your energy field clean and running smoothly so you can feel like your own wonderful self.

I hope you enjoyed my weekly column.

xoxo Bonnie

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Rebecca DeJardin
Rebecca DeJardin
02. jun. 2023

I have some “medium“ type stuff going on. My first dream message happened when I was 2 or 3 yrs old. It was so vivid that I still remember it’s very clearly. Since then, I’ve had a handful of random dream messages where I’m the victim and the viewer. I experience their physical and mental pain and its terrifying. So much new stuff happens, I have no idea what it all means or how to organize it. Please help? I really need help understanding some of this.

I’ve never really been able to control it all properly. My third eye feels sleepy and lazy.

Nothing is ever as clear as it used to be, which causes so much chaos and…


I was told by a medium that they couldn't charge for thier readings because they are a "gift" from God, if they did thier "gift" could be taken away.. is that true or false???


I've just recently started attending a spiritualist church, I've been going for few months,so far I really like it, and hope to evolve. Does a medium know,when they have the gift of mediumship, don't they have to have it,or can it b taught, learned? If learned,how long should one wait?

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