Certified Spiritual Life Coach
Why Hire a Spiritual Life Coach?
Certified by James Van Praagh

Bonnie will help clients to gain a greater awareness of themselves while understanding their situation and find what they are really looking for in life. Bonnie will help coach and guide you, focusing on career, relationships, health, and love, and help you to come up with a plan of action.

Are you having a personal dilemma?
Is happiness eluding you?
What is blocking you on your path?

Bonnie will help you to see how to get on the path that your soul chose for this lifetime, and overcome the fears that have been holding you back.

Your soul came to Earth this time with your soul's purpose - find out what your soul's goal is and how to get you on that path.

Are you stuck in a job you don't enjoy?
We can identify the specific career that you desire.

A Spiritual Life Coach is someone who empowers you, finds what is holding you back from love, and offers advice and insight on how to bring that love into your life.

Bonnie will help you evolve and develop your full potential and the steps that you can take to live your life's greatest journey.

Included in your Life Coaching Session is a spiritual Soul Assessment Reading valued at $100.00 dollars but is included in your session.

Bio: With this training, Bonnie feels that she is now able to offer guidance at a deeper spiritual level, bringing her clients a view of their soul's life path and giving her the ability to look into your soul's journey. Bonnie is a Spiritual Minister who brings joy and guidance to those who wish to seek a more fulfilling life.

$150.00 Per Hour Session by Zoom/FaceTime/Phone
Call Bonnie to schedule your reading 978-297-9790

Let her know which time zone you are in.