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"Angel Chakra Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls"

Experience healing, chakra balancing, and connection with your intuitive awareness during this 27-minute meditation. Medium Bonnie Page connects you with the essence of the Archangels who assist you with their loving energies. Intuitive musician Nina Vecchi channels cosmic melodies through the accompanying sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls infused with the precious gems and healing intentions to accentuate your chakra journey. There is a crystal singing bowl chakra clearing also included on the CD.

Angel Chakra Meditation CD

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Messages from Heaven
Your loved one
still with you
from up above,
watching and caring
from a place
of love.
They never leave you-
just look up
where your eyes
will meet
full of love.
Life goes on
but love never dies.
And your loved one
will meet you
on the other side.
Till we meet again
know that I am there,
protecting and guiding
with love
that's always there.
Your love.

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